Monday, November 08, 2010

"Project 33" - Match #5: Comando Negro vs. Freelance (hair vs hair)

Comando Negro vs. Freelance
Arena Naucalpan, Mexico - 10 October, 2010
Mascara vs. Hair

Part 2

I'm reviewing this by request of Rob on the LuchaBlog.  

Well, this match was kind of a mixed bag for me.  Both of these guys can actually work pretty good, and I haven't minded watching their work in tag team action.  In fact, I think Comando negro is a pretty promising young rudo for IWRG.  Freelance is a seasoned veteran, who seems to have a habit of pulling off some amazing aerial moves, at the same time making his opponents look great in the process.  The obvious point in this feud was for the promising young rudo to get the rub from working with a vet that was going to help make him look even better, and thus elevating him.

Apuestas matches can be pretty fun and unpredictable in IWRG, because, unlike CMLL, you are never really sure who can win/lose.   CMLL might do a better job of building up a mega-mask match featuring important and famous masks, but IWRG has a ton of guys that may lose their mask or hair at anytime, so you aren't really sure who will win.  This match had that factor, because as the vet Freelance would totally be the favorite, but a win would have built credibility for Comando.  Yet, with Comando only being a rookie, maybe this was a chance for him to lose his mask, and then go away quietly for a bit and pop up with a better gimmick (or maybe before heading off to CMLL or AAA to be repackaged).  Or, maybe he decided wrestling wasn't for him and he was gonna lose the mask and never be seen from regularly again.  In IWRG, you kinda never know.  

The problem is, this match didn't play off either guys strength.  Make no mistake, in the 3rd fall (which had the beginning clipped.... grrr!) Freelance pulled off some downright insane dives.    But I think Freelance (and also Suicida Segrada) are at their best when in the ring and reacting to being thrown off ropes, or springboarding and such, rather than dumping the guy out, and then doing a big dive onto him.  I also feel that Comando is a guy that is a decent flier himself, but has an excellent ground game, and works well when working the heat.  This match seemed to take both men out of the element of what they were good at, and just had them brawl.

With that said, what these guys did manage to bring to the table was intensity.  As soon as they came thru the curtain, they started fighting, and actually had to fight their way to the ring.  The crowd was mega into it was well, with Chico Che and (I believe) Keshin Black getting the crowd worked up as the cornermen in the match.  This match drew a pretty good house by IWRG standards, and they were majorly into the match.  Freelance went right after Comando when they finally made it to the ring, and the mask was in shreds and Comando a bloody mess quickly.

What we ended up having here was two guys delivering a match that was what the crowd wanted, rather than worrying about having a five-star classic.  They went out there, had a bloody and intense brawl, did some crazy stuff, and then delivered a finish that gave Comando a credibility-building win, as well as protected Freelance.  My only complaint about that was that they really didn't go for enough pinfalls to win this match, but they didn't have the vibe that they were trying to murder each other.  It did kinda come off like they were just setting up spots.  Sure, Comando cheated to win, but we didn't really see him going for a ton of pinfalls in the 3rd fall and Freelance kicking out, thus making the interference necessary.                       

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