Wednesday, November 03, 2010

"Project 33" - Match #3 - Adonis vs. Dynamite Kid

Dynamite Kid vs. Adrian Adonis
Chicago, IL - 7 November, 1985
WWF Wrestling Classic Tournament

This match is from the second round of the "Wrestling Classic" Tournament that was part of the first WWF pay-per-view event.  All Second round matches had a fifteen minute time limit.  Any independent wrestlers reading this should watch this match to see how to work a meaningful ten minute match. 

First off, everyone knows the reputation of the Dynamite Kid.  A lot of people forget that Adrian Adonis was a helluva worker too. He is often overlooked because he ended up being in ridiculously bad shape, and was never able to recover from the exotico gimmick he picked up in the WWE. 

Adonis and Dyanamite lockup and have a nice exchange of holds to establish that this is a match.  Then Adonis cheats a little bit, takes advantage, and works over a body part on Dynamite.  Simple!  Then, after doing it for awhile, Dynamite makes a comeback, nails Adonis with a series of kneedrops, before heading into a hot finish. 

Textbook ten-minute-or-under match.  Lockup-Shine-Heat-Comeback-Finish.  Anyone who says they cannot tell a story in ten minutes needs to see this match - it really only went about seven minutes.  Keep in mind, this wasn't the main event.  It was mid-card filler as part of a tournament. 

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