Tuesday, November 02, 2010

"Project 33" - Match #2 - CMLL Torneo Cibernetico

Sagrado vs. Hijo del Fantasma vs. Valiente vs. Maximo vs. Angel Azteca Jr. vs. Mephisto vs. Rey Bucanero vs. Okumura vs. Taichi vs. Felino
Arena Coliseo DF - 24 October, 2010
CMLL Torneo Cibernetico

Part 2  Part 3

So, you are probably wondering what exactly a "torneo cibernetico" is.  The best way to describe it to a gringo is that it is a "Classic Survivor Series" elimination match.  However, rules can vary as to how exactly the ciberneticos work in Mexico.  In some, all of the participating wrestlers are in a battle royal immediately before the match to determine seeding (odd eliminations vs. even eliminations).  Once the actual match begins, you have your typical elimination tag team match.  In some variations, the wrestler that is wrestling in the ring is only able to tag the person who was eliminated from the battle royal after him - but generally this is not done.  In some variations of this match, if the "winning" team has multiple members left after the opposite team is eliminated, then the teammates will wrestle each other until there is only one man left.

Ciberneticos can often be very exciting, as they are virtually non-stop with action.  Usually the first few pairings will do some fancy mat wrestling, but then soon the action picks up and bodies start flying everywhere.  Since wrestlers do not need to "tag" per se in lucha libre rules, often a dive or tossing a guy out of the ring will lead to someone else popping in to keep things moving.
This particular cibernetico is unusual.  it is a mix of verterans and up-and-comers, but it is being held for no particular reason. Often ciberneticos are part of a bigger tournament, or have a trophy or something on the line - this one is just done for the sake of doing a cibernetico.

If there was a seeding battle royal, I missed it, but I do not think there was, as the teams are straight up rudo and tecnico.  The up-and-coming tecnico Hijo del Fantasma starts off with veteran rudo Rey Bucanero in a mat based exchange.  The pace picks up after they tag out, and Valiente quickly gets in the match's first big dive.  

The biggest story to me in the match was something that wasn't obvious to someone who was just watching this match in a vacuum.  But, about a year ago the exotico Maximo lost his hair to the evil rudo Japanese wrestler Okumura.  When New Japan's Taichi came to CMLL a bout six months later, Maximo ended up taking his hair in a match.  In this particular cibernetico, Maximo pinned and eliminated Okumura after a nice looking powerbomb, but Maximo was himself eliminated by Taichi.   To me, this was either just a continuing rivalry when these foes crossed paths in this match, or this was the prelude to something bigger. 

Also interesting was the (standard) double pinfall in CMLL ciberneticos.  Buccanero had a spinning toe hold on Valiente and seemed to be going for a leg lock of sorts, when Valiente hooked Buccanero's head and rolled him into a small-package.  The referee counted both men's shoulders down, but the replay clearly showed that Valiente's shoulders were no where near the mat.  Oops!  Either this was a pretty bug screw up, or it is going some where.  (My money is on screw up - Tirantes wasn't the ref!

As far as the match goes - there were some interesting things, but nothing grabbed my attention overall.  Sagrado busted out a series of tilt-a-whirl backbreakers that were pretty badass.  Valiente had an excellent series of exchanges with Felino and Buccanero.  I always get a kick out of Maximo, but he wasn't around very long, and some of the vets just seemed to be coasting thru the match here.  Mephesto is a rudo I like, especially when teamed with Averno, but he didn't do much at all here.  Kind of a boring cibernetico. 

Maybe for my next cibernetico I'll go find the '06 Rey del Aires.  

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