Sunday, November 28, 2010

"Project 33" - Match #19 - Mascara/Dorada/Sombra vs. Atlantis/Guerrero/Rojo

Mascara, Mascara Dorada & Sombra vs. Atlantis, Ultimo Guerrero & Dragon Rojo
17 October, 2010
Arena Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico
CMLL World Trios Championship

Part 2

Here is what I do not like about this match: the length. 

I am an advocate of nice, long main event title matches.  Especially in Mexico, where title matches are supposed to be more important, and are less frequent. This match in total was about fifteen minutes, I would have liked to have seen to go about twenty-five to thirty.  Because of that, a lot of the things that I really liked throughout the match seemed like a tease, because there just wasn't enough of it. 

I liked the first fall - the babyfaces got to hit a lot of their big moves, and the dastardly rudos made everything look pretty damn good. I liked the actual mat exchanges between Sombra and Rojo - and I wanted more!  The same with Atlantis and Mascara.  Ultimo immediately brought the pain with Dorada, but it also quickly led to his teams downfall in the first fall of the match as Dorada & the champs had more speed.

The second fall was all about rudo awesomeness, crazy double/triple teaming the fan favorites, and unique submissions.  The winning submission that saw Sombra/Mascara connected to each other on top of Guerrero while he did an airplane spin was pretty sweet. 

The third fall was in a way, everyone pairing off again.  Ultimo focused on Sombra, Atlantis with Mascara, and Dorada with Rojo.  I thought Rojo more than held his own here, as he was the youngest guy in the match (experience wise) and this main event match was a big deal for him.  In fact, it was designed to elevate him to main event status.  While I do not think that he looked awesome enough to be an instant main event caliber guy after just this match, I thought he didn't look out of place right there next to Ultimo & Atlantis - two of the best guys ever.  For a loooong time the top CMLL rudo trio was Guerrero & Buccanero teamed with Toscano or Olimpico or some other guy that wasn't as good as them, but kinda fit in and didn't really drag the trio down.  Atlantis is more than enough to slide into Buccanero's spot as an above average partner, and I think given a little time, Dragon Rojo is going to be far better than Olimpico or Toscano - at least in this trio group. 

Mascara doesn't get enough love either.  He is only slightly older than his two partners, but has a wealth more experience, and for a few years now has been able to hold his own against the Rogues Gallery of CMLL main event rudos.  Awhile back someone pointed out on the Lucha Blog that Mascara is a relatively young babyface that has been called upon to act and wrestle like a veteran, because there simply are no veteran babyfaces to fill that spot.  I do not think the average gringo lucha fan truly appreciates what Mascara does, but I think the fans in the arenas do, as he remains popular.  Personally, I really enjoy the work of all the guys in this match, and  I like watching them.  In fact, the next few reviews may reflect that. 

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