Monday, November 22, 2010

"Project 33" - Match #15 - Hernandez & Blanchard vs. Casey & Allen

Gino Hernandez & Tully Blanchard vs. Scott Casey & Terry Allen
San Antonio, TX???
Southwestern Tag Team Championship

This was obviously a studio television match.  It was obviously not very long, but it was non-stop action.  By today's standards, it was pretty sloppy. 

I thought that both Hernandez & Blanchard oversold things too much.  This is a big criticism I have of Shawn Michaels sometimes, and this is probably where he learned it, since he grew up on Southwest.   Curt Hennig was the master of selling it right up to the line of clownishness, and then backing down.  Blanchard was very similar, and maybe it is because he is a few years younger here, but I think he crosses that line and it looks fake.  Usually I love Tully's work, but not here. 

Terry Allen = Magnum TA, and he looks really young here.  This is obviously before he hit the juice, because his legs are tiny.  Also, he sports no kneepads, so he in turn looks like his legs are tow toothpicks.  The fact he stole Fabian el Gitano's trunks probably didn't help him much either.  In addition to his look, he just looks plain sloppy here - which the comedic selling of Hernandez & Blanchard did not help. 

Scott Casey is not a man I am that familiar with, but he brought the babyface fire here.  He had some nice looking punches, and had nice crisp offense.  He was the biggest guy in the match, but he was moving quick and with fluidity. 

With all that picking apart aside, this looks like a decent little tv match that was building to a bigger match around the horn between these two teams.  I imagine being able to slow down and work a twenty minute arena match would be a pretty good thing to see.  I do not thin you could sell a live event with this match on television today though. 

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