Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Project 33" - Match #11: Terrible & Texano vs. Tajiri & Tanahashi

Terrible & Texano vs. Tajiri & Tanahashi
3 November, 2010
Pool A - NJPW G1 Tag League

Going into this match, I was a pretty big fan of Texano Jr.  I like his style, and I really enjoy the way he works.  In his big matches in CMLL, he has seemed to work a "big match style" - not necessarily *lucha* big match style, but I liked his work.  Terrible I like as well, but not as much as Texano, simply because he hasn't been showcased like Texano, and is more adrift as an uppermid card guy who rounds out matches, rather than a guy the promotion is really pushing.  Tajiri I have liked since he showed up in ECW.  Tanahashi, I have seen very little of, but most of what I saw was from his unimpressive run in CMLL.  For him, I was hoping for something impressive from Tanahashi, hoping that the lucha style maybe wasn't his best showcase, and he would shine here more.

After watching the match, I was blown away by Texano & Terrible.  Tanahashi & Tajiri were not bad at all.  In fact, Tanahashi seemed to be comfortable doing some lucha spots for the Japanese crowd with a couple of capable lucha bases, and it came off really well.  Texano & Terrible though, blew me away. 

First of all, they worked the crowd well.  The Japanese crowd.  Rather than just playing to them like they would a crowd in Mexico that would give back a reaction, they instead yelled things to the crowd more as a taunt.  It is a small difference, but it is a fine line that is hard to judge sometimes.  They didn't pander to the crowd and go over the top.  They did just enough to get a reaction for other things. 

In addition, they brought the strikes.  Tajiri was going to throw some stiff kicks here, obviously.  What we ended up getting in addition was Texano & Terrible chopping the shit outta Tanahashi.  Oh, and we also got a nice well placed nasty looking Superkick from Texano to Tajiri. 

Texano & Terrible are two legit heavyweight guys, who work impressively as a team.  I really like them.  I liked their hair vs. hair match with Yujiro & Naito last year, and I really liked this. Unfortunately, I probably will not get to see much of this kinda work.  As a team, these guys just do not work lucha style.  I think they could be spectacular if they went to Japan for an extended period.  I do not think they would work well in any US promotion really, although them against the Kings of Wrestling would be nice.  I would actually like to see an extended series of matches between them and Guerrero & Buccanero.  

Anyway - Texano & Terrible made Tanahashi look like a million bucks here, and put on a helluva match.  Enjoyed this way more than I thought I would.

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