Sunday, November 21, 2010

"Project 33" - Match #12: Bad Intentions vs. Nakamura & Puder

Bad Intentions vs. Nakamura & Puder
30 October, 2010
NJPW G1 Tag League

I'm reviewing this match at the request of Phil Lyons. 

Full disclosure: I have crossed paths with Karl Anderson a few times, back when he was Chad Allegra.  We were both managed by the same guy on some shows in Ohio, and we got along pretty well.  We both chat regularly about our mutual hatred of Carson Palmer, the QB of our beloved Cincinnati Bengals. I also celebrated "Karl Anderson Appreciation Day" by Spine-bustering the shit outta Aaron Williams - much to Anderson's approval. 

I am not that familiar with the work of Nakamura.  I know of Puder only from his incident with Kurt Angle on "Tough Enough".  Nakamura really brought the knee lifts - I assume that is his thing.  Puder wasn't in the match very much, but had a nice sequence early where he went back and forth on submissions from Bernardo to Anderson. Early Puder has a few nice leg kicks on Bernard.

In fact, that is what a lot of this match was.  It was a lot of striking and dropping knees and things of that nature, rather than a high speed match, or a match full of power.  Not that there were not some nice suplexes and stuff, but this was more of a striking based match, and they all seemed to be able to do that style well. 

Both teams got a heat here - Anderson taking a beating for his team, and Nakamura for his.  I thought it was kinda short - I would have liked to have seen more of the guys getting worn down.  But, that is probably a victim of the tag league format - many matches of the same ilk on a single show.

I very much approve of the Piledriver being the finish of this match.

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