Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"Project 33" - Match #10: Apaches & Navarros!

Gran Apache, Trauma II & Mari Apache vs Negro Navarro, Fabi Apache & Trauma I 
26 September, 2010
Arena Lopez Mateos, Mexico

Part 2

I may be alone in this assessment, but I love this match.  I am a big time IWRG fan (as those of you who have followed my blog for awhile can attest), and the Navarros are a favorite of mine there.  And, I think the best thing that AAA has done in the last five years or so was the epic Apache/Billy Boy feud. 

This match was originally announced as Navarros vs. Apaches, but before the match they announced that the athletic commission wouldn't allow three guys to fight a guy and two ladies, so Trauma I and Fabi Apache switched sides, to make it even. Boooooo!  But, what this did lead to was fathers and there progeny beating the hell outta each other, and siblings going at it.

Negro Navarro is in his mid-50's, and can still go.  He is a beast when standing, he is a beast on the mat. However, he is not a beast going from one to the other.  He just does not quite move like a spring chicken anymore, so there isnt a lot of him getting up from the mat very quickly.  That doesn't bother me at all, as it just looks methodical on his part, because no one goes out of their way to expose him here.  Regardless, he eats both his son Trauma I and Gran Apache alive here. 

Gran Apache is kind of the elder technician in AAA, but he doesn't really get to show his stuff a lot there.  In this match he shines, as a great base for Trauma II and Fabi, and going toe-to-toe on the mat with Papa Navarro. 

The Traumas and Apache Girls were awesome.  They stiffed the hell out of each other, while also having brilliant exchanges.  In fact, it may be illegal for a man to kick a bitch as hard as Trauma I punted Fabi in the face during an exchange of drop downs.  Oh, and Trauma I also superkicked his Pops something fierce.  The Apache girls even exchanged some nice stiff shots. 

You are probably asking yourself, "Hey, why is there barbed wire on one side of the ring"?  Good question.  The answer is: This took place in DTU, an indy promotion in Mexico that likes to think of itself as the lucha version of CZW.  Thus, barbedwire. 

"But, why didnt they use it then?" you may be saying to yourself.  The answer is because these folks can all wrestle, and didn't need to.  This would kinda be like if CZW had a card with all kinds of pointless light bulb and barbed wire matches, but then had William Regal vs. Fit Finlay on the card.  Obviously it got over with the DTU fans, as the "Esto Es Lucha" chants were going on thru large portions of the match. 

I still wanna see a straight up Navarros vs. Apaches match though....

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  1. Thanks for reviewing this, I thought all the Black Terry Jr handhelds had dried up, and I kind of lost interest. Will go back and watch this, amongst others!