Sunday, November 21, 2010

DCW Piqua Results 11/20/10

DCW (20 November) National Guard Armory; Piqua, OH
Attendance: 200

1) Super Insane def. Danny Montgomery by pinfall
2) Morris def. Alex Stone by pinfall
3) Shawn Draven def. Dre Jacobs by pinfall (DCW Mid-Ohio)
4) Big Jim Huthcinson def. Frankie Gambino
5) Tommy Blaze & Drago def. Matt McPhatt & Matt Ryan by pinfall (DCW Tag)
6) Evan Steel def. Nikita Allanov by pinfall (DCW Heavy)

This was my swan song from Dynamic Championship Wrestling. 

I started wrestling for DCW shortly after relocating to Cincinnati back in 2007.  From the start I was used at the top of the card, and I was able to have some great matches with a variety of different wrestlers that I had never worked before.  Three times I had the honor of holding the promotion's heavyweight championship. 

Recently however, a lot of shows had been canceled, or drawn horrible crowds, and this caused a rift with the promoters and myself.  The straw, for me, came back in September when an event was canceled the day of the show, and I had already turned down higher paying opportunities to work for DCW that night.  At that point the promoter and myself had a lengthy and heated discussion, and I said from now on that I would not be prioritizing DCW bookings (and I let the other promoters I work for know that as well).  I also informed the promoter that I would be changing my compensation requirements for working their events.  This request was never met. 

After a series of recent decisions by management, coupled with my underemphasis of DCW's bookings, I knew it would only be a matter of time before we parted ways.  Tonight, after DCW's General Manager Tommy Blaze entered the ring after my hard fought match with Even Steel for the DCW Heavyweight Championship, it was the straw that broke the camel's back.  Steel had fought through a lot of adversity the last few months, and deserved respect.  I had an awesome run in DCW, and after pinning me cleanly in a championship match (which really, only Ben Boone and Matt McPhatt can stake a claim to in DCW), Steele deserved a moment of glory.  When Blaze entered the ring and went after Steele, I attacked Blaze, and punched the DCW GM several times in the face before walking away. 

Using his powers as GM, Blaze informed me that I would no longer be working for DCW.  With no current available dates for DCW shows, this was not a problem, and I wished them luck with DCW and said a few goodbyes, and I have moved on. 

This is not a gimmick or a work, or anything of that sort.  It is however, about money, and respect.  Wrestling is a business.  I am having great matches in a variety of places and working with some great people.  My time in DCW was a positive one, but it is time to move on.

So, despite what you may be seeing on an internet posting, or hearing on a hotline, I will not be returning to DCW anytime soon.  If you are a DCW fan and enjoy my work, point the finger of blame at Tommy Blaze.  Everything there has to be about him, and when someone stands up to him, they are wished the best in their future endeavors.  The list of guys who no longer work there is a mile long - and the list of guys in the lockerroom upset over the shrinking talent pool and shrinking attendance figures grows longer as well.  Maybe someday DCW and myself will be able to do business again.  But, for now, I am moving on to greener pastures, and I look forward to performing for the people who love to hate me at RCW, WWC, RWA, BDW, and hopefully soon XWE events.  Thank you Dayton area fans for your support and your boos and cheers.  Hopefully you enjoyed my matches there as much as I enjoyed wrestling them. 


  1. this really sucks. i only had the chance to see you wrestle one time. you have the best in ring performance out of any wrestler there. i hope to see you wrestle again soon. thank you for the good show that i was able to see you in. i think your going to make it to wwe someday.

  2. you are a big fat liar!