Monday, November 08, 2010

BDW Results - 11/7 Moundsville

BDW (7 November) FOE Hall - Moundsville, WV
Attendance: 150 (Sold Out)

1) Insurgentz def. Dahmer & Stone via pinfall
2) Nikita Allanov def. Chase Russell by pinfall
3) Doink defeated Jock Samson by pinfall
4) Zero def. Doc Remedy by pinfall (BDW Diamond)
5) Bouncer & Rock Lobster def. RP Williams & Terry Ring by pinfall (BDW Tag)
6) Cingsley def. Great Toyota by pinfall
7) Michael Facade def. Alex Arcadian by pinfall
8) Dash Bennett def. Chest Flexor by pinfall
9) Jason Gory def. Dan Sandwich by pinfall in a "Fans Bring the Weapons" Match (BDW Heavy)

Great things about this show included...
 - Peter Griffin fighting the Chicken
 - Cupid having *invited* Peter Griffin to the event...

 - Cingsley destroying a cardboard cut-out of Edward from Twilight, thus getting the most heat, and the loudest cheers of the night...
 - Cingsely successfully getting the crowd to chant "I'm with Jacob" and "I'm with Edward", only for him to say "I'm with Bella - Bela Lugosi!"
 - Chest Flexor's awesome new tights.  They prompted the crowd to chant "Birthday cake" "Cupake" and "Ballerina" at Flexor. 
- RP Williams becoming the Mayor of Moundsville
- "Swashbuckler' Orenthal Benjamin sending a "Message in a Bottle"
- Scott McFly revealing that the Insurgentz were guys he tried to recruit into BDW that Rikk Diamond wasn't interested in signing, and then polietly asking them to beat up Rikk. 
- Jason Gory coming to the ring for a "Fans Bring The Weapons" Match with a baby taped to a Tennis Racket, and Dan Sandwich protesting that a "fan" didnt bring the weapon, so using it was cheating
 - Jason Gory piledriving Dan Sandwich into a shopping cart from the ring apron.  View It Here!
 - Chase Russell's chest after taking about a bazillion chops from me (Nikita Allanov!)
 - Jock Samson calling out Moundsville's own Brad Paisely and challenging him to a match!

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