Sunday, October 10, 2010

WWC "Rest In Peace" Results

WWC (9 October) Municipal Building; Aberdeen, OH
Attendance: 75

1) Marvel Trice & Princeton Travis def. Dave Nevada & DJ Tom Sharp by pinfall
2) Malo Pescado def. Eddy Gonzales by pinfall
3) JT Stahr def. Justin Hollins by pinfall
4) Jimmy Malloy def. DDK by pinfall
5) Jake Ashworth & Eclipso def. Terry Reines & Ultra Mega Masked Homicide by pinfall (WWC Tag)
6) Aaron Williams def. Nikita Allanov by submission (WWC NA)
7) Shawn Parks def. Bennett Cole in a casket match
8) Matt Taylor def. Devlin Anderson by reversed decision

International Incident continued to have issues.  First, Eddy Gonzales was taking it to Malo Pescado, and just as he was about to level the masked wrestler with a chairshot, Pescado unmasked to reveal Gonzales' own wife - Heather Gonzales.  In shock, Heather fouled Eddy and rolled him up for the pin, beating her husband in 1-on-1 match. 
Next, Terry Reines decided to prove that *he* was not the weak link in II by winning the tag team championship himself.  With the rookie UMMH as his partner, Reines controlled much of the match, but when the Solar Powers made a comback, Nikita Allanov came to ringside and distracted Reines, which led to UMMH being pinned. 
In Nikita's match with Aaron Williams for the North American Title, Gonzales came to ringside, and was helping out Allanov.  As Williams went up for a frong splash, Gonzales knocked Williams off, which brought Reines out form the back, who went after Gonzales.  Allanov hit a Sickle on Williams, but referee Steve Helpenstein was distracted by the fight at ringside.  As Allanov went for a 2nd Sickle, Williams hooked on a Crossface Submission, and Allanov was forced to tap out. 

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