Sunday, October 24, 2010

WWC Announces "Unbreakable Tournament" for November 13th Anniversary Event!

As announced at “Rest In Peace”, WWC’s Seventh Anniversary event, "Unbreakable", is returning to its roots as a tournament!
The prize is simple, yet not easily obtained… the winner of the tournament receive a shot that very night against the WWC Heavyweight Champion, in this case, the infamous “Dark Star” Matt Taylor.
The first round of matches in the Unbreakable tournament have been relayed to us at Our 7th Anniversary Show looks to be jam-packed with wrestling action, and these matches showcase the depth of the WWC roster. Who will rise above the others to become “Unbreakable” and face the WWC Heavyweight Champion Matt Taylor that evening?

Dangerous Damien Kass vs. DJ Tom Sharp
DDK has been on a tear, modeling his moves after tactics used throughout Ric Byrne’s career in order to get the attention of the Executive Committee. DJ Tom Sharp remains one of the most popular men on our roster, having come very close to claiming the North American title earlier this year. Even if they don’t win the entire tournament, a first round victory by either man could be the “breakout” they need to propel in to World Heavyweight title contention.

Devlin Anderson vs. Ultra Mega Masked Homicide
Devlin was the last person added to the tournament by virtue of his non-title victory over Matt Taylor at Rest In Peace. Although it looks like Devlin has Matt’s number, how would he fare against the vicious Taylor after a full night of matches? As for UMMH, we’ve seen surprising upset victories in tournaments of this nature before… can he put away the “Re-Enforcer” for a much needed career boost?

Nikita Allanov vs. JT Stahr
Nearly one year ago, Allanov and Stahr faced off with the World title at stake in a match that thrilled the audience and left them wanting more. Since then, Allanov has focused on his tag team partnership with Eddie Gonzales, while Stahr has a string of victories against a diverse run of singles talent. Either man here has a good chance to go all the way to the end, so this will be one to keep your eye on. Will Stahr seal the deal for the chance to reclaim his former title, or will Nikita prove he’s as good as he says he is?

Dave Nevada vs. Justin Neal
Nevada’s return to WWC has seen him mix it up at all levels of the company, with somewhat mixed results. In each outing he’s appeared sharp and ready, but has fallen prey to a few devious tactics from the less honest set of wrestlers in the WWC. Justin Neal has been working hard to stand out amongst that list of rulebreakers, and a victory here could give start a winning pattern for the arrogant youngster.

Aaron Williams vs. Terry Reines
There are no two competitors in the WWC who know each other as well as Aaron and Terry. These former tag team partners ended up on opposite sides of the spectrum, having traded a number of victories back and forth, most recently Williams’ win over Terry for the North American title. With all the confusion surrounding International incident, it appears that Terry might be softening towards Aaron, showing him the respect that the rest of the locker room already gives Williams. However, the winner of this first round match not only advances in the tournament, but gets a bye into the final round, meaning that they’ll be the most rested competitor. We know both of them have the conditioning to go at it as hard as possible, so the winner here has to be a favorite to face Taylor at the end of the evening.

In one of several new features here on, we send out a roaming reporter with an iPhone to capture the thoughts of various wrestlers on current events. The first in the series deals with Unbreakable, as the Roaming Reporter catches up with Nikita Allanov and Matt Taylor:

Fans, this will truly be a show you don’t want to miss as the WWC celebrates its 7th Anniversary! You’re going to get the most bang for your buck when WWC presents Unbreakable on November 13th at the Aberdeen Municipal Building!

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