Sunday, October 24, 2010

RCW's "Atomic Drop on Autism" Results

RCW (23 October) Plumbers & Steamfitters Hall; Portsmouth, OH
Attendance: 200

1) Flash Fury def. Corey Mason by pinfall (RCW NA)
2) Chuck Chronic def. Tyson Rogers by pinfall
3) Keith Hamblin & JD Santos def. Black Irish Saints by pinfall
4) Juggulator & Dirk Extreme def. Judas Thorn & Trik nasty by pinfall
5) Nikita Allanov def. Onyx by pinfall
6) Zach Gowen def. Randy Allen by pinfall

Max Power was the special referee for the match between myself and Onyx.  Power was doing a very respectable job calling the match right down the middle, but when Onyx hit me with a powerbomb out of a fireman's carry, the Mastermind got on the ring apron, and Power attempted to get him down.  Onyx thought he had the match won, and took exception to Power being out of position as he made a cover.  Onyx put his hands on Power, which led to Power removing his referee shirt, to reveal that he was aligned with WrestleOhio!  Onyx took a swing at Power, who ducked out of the way, which allowed me the perfect opportunity to hit a Sickle.  Power was more than happy to count the pinfall at that point.  As Power, the Mastermind, Ms. Sara, and myself laid the boots into Onyx, ring announcer Kenny Young tried to make the save, which led to another beat down. 
Overall, the show was excellent.  Around 200 fans packed the building for this Autism fundraiser - which was very respectable for a new venue, and running up against a big college football weekend and a huge UFC card! 

Nikita Allanov will return to action for RCW on December 4th for the RCW Anniversary Spectacular: "Full Cirlce 8" at the Elk's Lodge!!!

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