Tuesday, October 05, 2010

RCW's "Atomic Drop on Autism" October 23rd in Portsmouth

RCW joins forces with the AUTISM PROJECT OF SOUTHERN OHIO on Saturday October 23rd at the Plumbers & Steam Fitters Local 577 Gymnasium located at 1236 Gallia Street in Portsmouth (Next to Portsmouth Public Library). 100% of the ticket proceed will go to the Autism Project of Southern Ohio. Not only will you be supporting a great cause but you will be getting a full on in your face RCW action packed show featuring the one and only Zach Gowen! Gowen is the World's only 1-legged wrestler and has been featured in both WWE and TNA. He is truly an inspiration to many and to watch how he is able to move around the ring with ease is astonishing. Tickets are available at Front Row Video, Castle Comics, & Portsmouth Pizzeria NOW. Doors open at 6:30pm with a 7:30pm belltime. The line-up for this great event looks incredible!

Zach Gowen has wrestled all over the world. On October 23rd he will take on the "King" of RCW....Randy "The King" Allen. Allen prides himself on being a master of the Figure 4 Leglock.....is it even possible to modify it for Gowen? We here at www.rcwonline.com eagerly await word from Randy Allen regarding his gameplan against Gowen. Should make for a classic RCW match.

The RCW World Tagteam Titles are once again up for grabs as The Black Irish Saints (Devlin Anderson and Dangerous Damien Kass) made it clear at the end of their last match with the Tag Champs, Metal Mayhem (Keith Hamblin and Heavy Metal) that the war was far from over. What you didn't see last time was that Metal Mayhem got some retribution in the parking lot and we think The Black Irish Saints actually LIKED IT! We are told we have video of this and that rcwonline.com can expect this exclusive sometime this week.

"Loony" Mike Horton with the guidance of Al Snow (and HEAD) have made another interesting Tagteam match for the 23rd. RCW World Heavyweight Champion, Judas Thorn will team up with Trik Nasty as they take on the unlikely team of The Juggulator and "American Idol" Dirk Extreme w/ Simon. This match sounds crazy on paper, we can only speculate that it will be just as crazy in the ring. Thorn and Juggulator have just began their War. These two former best friends and allies have battered each other lately. Then there is Trik Nasty and Dirk Extreme. These two have never seen eye to eye and have been battling all year in several promotions including RCW. Will this tag match put an end to one of these feuds or add fuel to the fire?

"The Black Superman" Onyx has found a new calling in RCW......being a Fan Favorite. RCW fans always respected the power of Onyx but when he showed his new attitude at Injection, the fans have went over the top for him. Onyx will finally get his hands on WrestleOhio's Nikita Allanov. Allanov will of course be lead to the ring by The Mastermind and his wife Sara, but RCW President, Al Snow made it a point to assign a Special Referee for this bout. Someone that could enforce the rules. The one and only Max Power will be refereeing this huge bout. Will Allanov continue his trend of annihilation or will Onyx stop the Soviet in his tracks and run WrestleOhio out of RCW?

Tyson Rogers has been absent from recent RCW shows but the big man is back. While he was away his former partner, Chuck Chronic made his return. Chronic and Tyson have a long history together. It seemed appropriate for the Board of Directors to put these two together and see what happens. Will they have a clean match up or will Tyson stab his former teammate in the back?

RCW North American Champion, Flash Fury will also be on hand to defend his title against the one and only "Captivating" Corey Mason. Don't count Mason out as he proved he can be ruthless and that there is something under the pink facade. Mason actually had Max Power in some trouble at Gold Rush. Mason knows his way around the ring and is hoping that Flash isn't taking him seriously. Flash afterall is use to being the underdog, but in this match it may be the other way around. Anything can happen in RCW!

Don't miss all these matches and so much more! Don't forget this is all for a GREAT CAUSE. 100% of the Ticket Proceeds go to the Autism Project of Southern Ohio. Tickets on sale NOW!. Also remember this event is at the Plumbers & Steam Fitters Local 577 Gymnasium located at 1236 Gallia Street in Portsmouth (Next to Portsmouth Public Library).


Zach Gowen VS Randy "The King" Allen

Metal Mayhem ("Bad News" Keith Hamblin) & Heavy Metal (c)
The Black Irish Saints (DDK & Devlin Anderson)

Judas Thorn (C) & Trik Nasty
VS Juggulator & "American Idol" Dirk Extreme w/ Simon

Flash Fury (c) VS "Captivating" Corey Mason

"The Black Superman" Onyx VS Nikita Allanov w/ WrestleOhio

Tyson Rogers VS Chuck Chronic


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