Monday, October 04, 2010

DCW Results - Springfield

DCW (2 October) Limestone YMCA; Springfield, OH
Attendance: 175

1) Big Jim Hutchinson def. Frankie Gambino by pinfall
2) Dustin Willard def. Super Insane by pinfall
3) Jon Austin def. Evan Steel by pinfall
4) Nikita Allanov fought Shawn Draven to a time limit draw (DCW Mid-Ohio)
5) Matt Ryan def. Dre Jacobs by submission
6) Jeff Richards def. Tommy Blaze by submission
7) Evan Steel won the "Springfield Rumble" to win the vacant DCW Heavyweight Championship

Ok, so I had to defend the championship against two men that had already had matches earlier in the night (and that I had clearly beaten in title matches previously).  It took two men to beat me in a championship match, and they had to attempt to break my neck, giving me a neck stinger to do it.
Then, rather than have a tournament or something to decide the championship after it was declared vacant by the general manager, it is put up for grabs in a "royal rumble" type match featuring twelve wrestlers?  So, all the champion had to be able to do was not get tossed out of the ring?

What we have learned about DCW and Nikita Allanov
1) No one in DCW can beat Nikita Allanov in a 1-on-1 match
2) DCW doesn't really care about the value of their championship
3) DCW is doing whatever it canto make sure that Nikita Allanov is not the champion

Oh, and I was 100% rudo during my match with Draven for a belt I didn't care about, and more of the fans were cheering for me than him.  I pretty much rule.

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