Sunday, October 17, 2010

DCW Results - Greenville

DCW (16 October) National Guard Armory; Greenville, OH
Attendance: 50

1) Frankie Gambino def. Morris by pinfall
2) Nikita Allanov def. Jeff Richards by pinfall
3) Big Jim Hutchinson fought to a no contest with Matt Ryan
4) Shawn Draven def. Dustin Willard by pinfall (DCW Mid-OH)
5) Tommy Blaze & Alexander Drago def. Big Jim Hutchinson & Matt Ryan by pinfall (DCW Tag)
6) Evan Steel def. Jon Austin by pinfall (DCW Heavy)

This show was a fund-raiser for a Greenville Area Pee-Wee Football organization, which failed miserably at selling tickets for the event.  is say 4/5 of the fans were DCW regulars who trekked up from Piqua.  Horrible, horrible crowd. 
Had a good match with Richards, which I had been looking forward to for awhile.  Nikita vs. Big Jim was one of only two matches announced for the card on DCW's Twitter feed, but it was changed. I was not 100% recovered from my Ear/Sinus/Respiratory illness, but managed to put Richards down with a Sickle. 

Oh, and apparently I'm fat.  I love how I go to the gym and bust my ass working thru injuries for a fan to call me fat just because I do not have a six pack.  Come train with me motherfucker. 

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