Monday, September 20, 2010

RWA Results - 9/19/10 Allenport, PA

RWA (19 September) Municipal Building; Allenport, PA
Attendance: 200

1) Jason Cage & CJ Sensation def. Arkadian & K Starr (RWA Tag)
2) Scotty Gash def. Jimmy Nutts
3) Mon Valley Monsters def. Team Tap Out
4) Brandon K def. JT Williams
5) G-Raver def. Jason Gory in a TLC Match (RWA Cruiser)
6) Chris taylor def. Troy Lords
7) Nikita Allanov & the Polish Nightmare def. Stryder & Jock Samson when Samson pinned Stryder (RWA PA)
8) Ryan Mitchell def. Ashton Amherst and Joe Brooks in an elimination threeway (RWA Heavy)

Ok, so I was supposed to face Stryder 1-on-1 for the PA Championship.  I came to the ring with the evil masked Polish Nightmare, and ran down Stryder, who said he would defeat me because he was American.  I said he should defend the championship against me *and* Nightmare since Americans were so superior.  Then I said that he should defend the title against anyone and everyone, just like the United States does.  Jack Samson then came out and agreed to the stip on Stryder's behalf, but asked for it to be made a tag match, where whomever pins Stryder wins the championship.  We agreed and attacked.  After working over Stryder, Samson hit him with a flatliner and pinned his own partner, to win the championship. 

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