Monday, September 06, 2010


Due to overwhelming demand, I am finally breaking down after twelve years and getting t-shirts for my wonderful fans to buy and make me rich.  Well, at least to buy. 

Anyway - what I am looking for is a badass design, that will actually sell some shirts.  So, I figured that a contest was in order.  I am not a very good graphic designer, so here is what I am looking for:
   *  Some sort of design, that involves my name, face, nicknames, or a combination of them.  If you can work in my Twitter address, that would be awesome too. 
   *  The design needs to be a "One-Color" design.  This is so it can be silk-screened as cheaply as possible, so that I can pass the savings on to you!
   *  I want to see your design.  Not a description of an idea you had.  
   *  Keep in mind that I am Soviet/Armenian, and a graduate of The Ohio State University.   Using these things to influence your design is a good idea. 

I will take submissions until I get a good one.  If one of you out there reading this submits the design that I choose, you will get a free autographed t-shirt out of the deal.  Seriously. 

If you are looking for inspiration, or want to know what I am looking for, check out - they have a lot of good and funny designs. 

Please send any submissions to my email address at HERE

Disclaimer: All submissions will become the property of Nikita Allanov.  Nikita is not going to get rich off of your design most likely, but he may use it to make a t-shirt, DVD cover, wallpaper on his cellphone, etc. and he isn't going to pay you anything for that.  In fact, you are probably going to use pics you found of him online, that were probably lifted from the internet anyway.  This should totally be a labor of love on your part, simply because Nikita Allanov matches bring joy to your life.  Or, you just have nothing better to do. 

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