Sunday, September 05, 2010

DCW Piqua Results 9/4/10

DCW (4 September) National Guard Armory; Piqua, OH
Attendance: 225

1) Jon Austin def. Shawn Draven by DQ (Tourn: Rd1)
2) Big Jim Hutchinson def. Krylon by pinfall (Tourn: Rd1)
3) Evan Steel def. Roger Ruffin by pinfall (Tourn: Rd1)
4) Matt Ryan def. Matt McPhatt by submission (Tourn: Rd1)
5) Big Jim Hutchinson def. Jon Austin by pinfall (Tourn: Semi)
6) Evan Steel def. Matt Ryan by pinfall (Tourn: Semi)
7) Tommy Blaze & Alexander Drago def. the Toyota Brothers by pinfall (DCW Tag)
8) Big Jim Hutchinson and Evan Steel def. Nikita Allanov by no contest in the tournament finals

A crowd of over 200 filled the Piqua Armory.  Minutes before belltime, only a few empty seats! 

     In DCW's triumphant return to Piqua, the "Quest for the Gold" Tournament was held, where the two finalists would fight the heavyweight champion in a Triple Threat Match.  I, as the champion, totally had the advantage in this match, as both Steel and Hutchinson had already wrestled two matches on the card.  I pretty much dominated the match, and ended up hitting Big Jim Hutchinson with a Russian Sickle.  However, rather than go for the easy pin, I tried to hit Steel with one too, and he ended up getting me up for his Vertabreaker maneuver.  I managed to power my way thru it, but I ended up landing on my head when I landed on the mat.  Luckily, Steel didn't go for the pin, and Hutchinson attempted to Piledrive Steel, who powered out and gave a backdrop to Hutchinson.  I made my way to my feet, but was loopy enough that Steel managed to hit a vertabreaker this time, knocking me out cold.  Steel and Hutchinson both made the cover, and senior referee Vic Bell counted my shoulders down.
     Bell was unsure who to hand the championship belt to since both men had gotten the pinfall in the match.  As both Hutchinson and Steel argued about who should be champion, I started to regain consciousness, but wasn't able to feel my body.  I was able to move my feet and arms and stuff, but they were all very numb.  After medical attention and stuff, I was able to make it to the lockerroom with some assistance, and within a few minutes I was able to walk and move and the numbness was gone.  General Manager Tommy Blaze has ruled that I am no longer champion since I was pinned, but that the championship is vacated since it took more than one man to beat me.

At intermission, a fan sent a gift back to the lockerroom, and asked if I could wear it to the ring that night.  It was an authentic NBA All-Star Jersey by Nike... I obliged.  Here is a pic with me wearing it.

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