Wednesday, August 11, 2010

WWC TitleClash this Saturday in Aberdeen!

This Saturday In Aberdeen OH is TitleClash 4 !!! Fans ALL the World Wrestling Coalition championships will be on the line and featured as part of a triple main event!!!

WWC World Championship Match
"Dark Star" Matt Taylor
defends against
"astonishing" Aaron Williams
... in a Last Man Standing Match!

WWC Tag Team Championship Match
International Incident: Nikita Allanov & Eddy Gonzales
defend the titles against
the Solar Powers: Eclipso & Jake Ashworth w/ Will Profit

WWC North American Championship Match
Terry Reines
defends the championship against
"prettyboy" Jimmy Malloy
... in a Ladder Match!

 You do NOT want to miss when WWC returns to Aberdeen this Saturday, August 14th with TitleClash 4! In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled here and at WWC’s official MySpace and FaceBook sites for more announcements throughout the week!

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