Thursday, August 19, 2010

WWC Titleclash 4 Results

WWC (14 Aug) Municipal Building; Aberdeen, OH
Attendance: 150
1)  Shawn Parks def. Marvel Trice by pinfall
2) DKK def. Malo Pescado by DQ
3) DDK def. JT Stahr by pinfall
4) DJ Tom Sharp def. Princeton Travis by pinfall
5) Terry Reins def. Jimmy Malloy in a laddermatch (WWC NA)
6) Solar Powers def. International Incident by pinfall (WWC Tag)
7) Matt Taylor def. Aaron Williams by pinfall (WWC Heavy)

Not too sure on 1-4. 
Eddy Gonzales and I dominated our tag team title match against the Solar Powers, with us tossing Jake Ashworth around like a ragdoll.  Eclipso proved to be our downfall however, with him nailing me with a superkick, followed by a second rope leg drop of doom from Ashworth, that got them then pin and the tag team titles. 
Rematch was announced for Sp[etember 11th in Aberdeen - a flag match, with the belts on the line! 

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