Sunday, August 01, 2010

RWA Debut Results

RWA (31 July) The Gym; West Newton, PA
Attendance: 150

1) CJ Sensation & Jason Cage def. Team Tap-Out by pinfall (Tournament Semi Finals)
2) Nikita Allanov def. Terry Ring, Payton Graham by pinfall in a triple threat match
3) TV Casualties defeated lil Jimmy Ross & Troy Lords by pinfall (Tournament Semi Finals)
4) Mon Valley Monsters def. New Age genesis by pinfall
5) Endo def. Nihl by pinfall
6) Ashton Amherst def. Reign by pinfall
7) Jason Gory def. G-Raver by pinfall (RWA Cruiser)
8) Stryder & Trace def. Hansen Brothers by pinfall
9) Joe Brooks def. Chris Taylor by pinfall
10) Ryan Mitchell def. Scottie Gash in a streetfight

An excellent return to the Pittsburgh area for me.  My last match in the area was my swan song in the NWA back in December of '06, so this return was four years in the making.  It felt pretty good to get a nice pop from the crowd when my music hit, before I even came thru the curtain.  The match itself was OK - I got the win over a couple of promising young rookies in a three way. 

Unlike most of the crowds from my last run through Pittsburgh, the RWA fans were pretty loud and into things all night long.  For a hot summer night the crowd was good - the above picture was taken before the first match, and the fans hadn't all filed into their seats yet.  In talking with RWA officials after my match, things look excellent for RWA becoming a regular part of my schedule, along with Black Diamond Wrestling, Dynamic Championship Wrestling, and World Wrestling Coalition. 

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