Saturday, August 28, 2010

RCW Results

RCW (21 August) Jackson YMCA; Jackson, OH
Attendance: 210
1) Nikita Allanov def. Chuck Chronic by pinfall
2) Max Power def. Corey Mason by pinfall
3) Flash Fury def. "King" Randy Allen by pinfall (RCW NA)
4) Metal Mayhem def. Black Irish Saints by pinfall (RCW Tag)
5) Trik Nasty def. Dirk Extreme by pinfall
6) Judas Thorn def. Juggulator by pinfall (RCW Heavy)'s founder the Mastermind brought me to the ring at the start of the show, where we discussed how I was brought into RCW by the Mastermind to end the career of Onyx.  I then stated how I had challenged Onyx to face me, but he was scared to show up - I was the "Red Kryptonite" for the "Black Superman".  Loony then brought out a former RCW wrestler making his return to action who was willing to fight me - Chuck Chronic.  I beat this stoner up pretty bad, and afterwards, I let the Mastermind & Ms. Sarah get in a few shots.  This brought Max Power to the ring to clear house. 

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