Sunday, August 08, 2010

DCW Springfield Results

DCW (7 Aug) Limestone YMCA; Springfield, OH
Attendance: 100

1) Big Jim Hutchinson DQ Alexander Drago
2) Suicidal Samoan def. Aaron Gunn by pinfall
3) Dustin Willard def. Danny Montgomery by pinfall
4) Jon Austin def. Matt McPhatt by pinfall
5) Alexander Drago & Tommy Blaze def. Big Jim Hutchinson & Jeff Richards by pinfall (DCW Tag)
6) Shawn Draven def. Matt Ryan by pinfall (DCW Mid-Ohio)
7) Nikita Allanov def. Evan Steel by pinfall (DCW Heavy)

Not 100% sure on results for matches 1 & 4.

I pulled off the win on Evan Steel after Big Jim Hutchinson and I tussled over my flag at ringside.  Steel tried to take advantage of the situation and blindside me, but I sidestepped him and he collided with Hutchinson.  That was the opening I needed to hit the Russian Sickle, and get the pinfall. 

Small crowd here in the summer months, but they were ridiculously loud and into everything all night long.  By all reports, a great show!

DCW will be in action next Saturday at the Miami County Fair in Troy, OH!

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