Sunday, July 11, 2010

WWC "Midsummer's Nightmare" Results

WWC (10 July) Municipal Building; Aberdeen, OH
Attendance: 103

1) Aaron Williams def. Malo Pescado by pinfall
2) Nikita Allanov def. Jake Ashworth by submission
3) Devlin Anderson def. ?????
4) Eclipso def. Eddy Gonzales by pinfall
5) Jimmy Mallow def. Gary Horowitz, DJ Tom Sharp & Terry Reines by pinfall in a fatal four-way
6) Will Profit def. Terry Reines by pinfall
7) Shawn Parks def. Ultra Mega Masked Homicide by pinfall
8) Matt Taylor def. JT Stahr by pinfall (WWC Heavy) 

I'll update this again when I remember/find out who Devlin Anderson wrestled...

International Incident squared off with the Solar Powers in singles action.  I got the victory over Ashworth, when he fell victim to an Indian Deathlock and could not reach the ropes to break the hold.  In his match, Gonzales was on the verge of putting away Eclipso, but Terry Reines hit Gonzales with a belt by accident, allowing Eclipso to get the pinfall. 
Later in the show Reines sneaked into the #1 contendership match for his North American Championship under a mask as the "Moose Hunter", but was unmasked during the match by Solar Power's manager Will Profit.  An angry Reines said that he could defeat Profit in a match with one arm tied around his back, and if he couldnt, then II would defend the tag team titles against the Solar Powers at Title Clash.  Reines was in control of Profit with II at ringside, but when the Solar Powers evened things out Profit got his hands on a chair, and laid out Reines, scoring the pinfall.  II then proceeded to destroy the Solar Powers and Profit at ringside in a wild brawl. 

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