Wednesday, July 07, 2010

WWC "MIDSUMMER NIGHTMARE" July 10th in Aberdeen, OH!

WWC returns to Aberdeen OH on July 10th for MIDSUMMER NIGHTMARE 

Fans, WWC returns to the Municipal Bldg. with promises of retribution and mayhem coming from the locker room. With Title Clash just one month away,the entire roster is chomping at the bit to secure spots, and settle scores at the last show before one of WWC's most important yearly events.

Fans were shocked at Pandemonium when Matt Taylor walked out of the 4 Way Dance as the new WWC World Heavyweight Champion. Ever the cagey one, Matt struck when opportunity presented itself, gaining what many have called a tainted victory to capture his first reign as WWC World Heavyweight Champion. The Executive Committee have informed us here at today that they’ve decided to eliminate the variables and present the man Taylor deposed as champion, JT Stahr, a one on one opportunity to reclaim the title!

What’s not yet known is how this sits with either of the two other particpants in the 4 Way Dance at Pandemonium – Aaron Williams or “Dangerous” Damien Kass. Rumor has been buzzing around the WWC offices that Aaron has requested time to speak at Midsummer’s Nightmare, presumably to address his longtime rival Matt Taylor. We’ll have to wait a little longer to hear from DDK, though – when DDK used the banned “3rd Degree” manuever in the Fatal 4 Way (the second usage fo the banned move in a row), the Executive Committee handed down a suspension to the rough and tumble bruiser. Will the time off give DDK a chance to consider his actions, or will it just force his legendary anger to simmer longer?
Fans, I highly recommend you get your tickets for Midsummer’s Nightmare now to guarantee a seat for what is already shaping up to be a premiere WWC event! We’ll see you in Aberdeen on July 10th!

On the final stop to Title Clash The stakes are high all across the WWC. The Board of Directors has called for a 3-way dance to determine who will get the #1 contendership for The North American Title, and to make things even more interesting the winner will get to pick the type of matc...h that will be at Title Clash. The participants are Jimmy Malloy, Marvel Trice, and Dave Nevada.

Lately "Superstar" Shawn Parks has not been himself..literally. Since suffering head trauma at the hands of International Incident, he has appeared twice dressed as 80's wrestling legends (The Ultimate Parks and The Macho-Star) Will this theme continue for the WWC franchise player? How ...bad was the injury he suffered to warrant such behavior? Be there Sat. to see what Parks does next.

And finally fans, you can also look forward to another live edition of "The Final Bell" w/Terry Reines. The guest being Will Profit, who has vowed to no longer let himself be made a victim of attacks from "Canadian Terror". W/ Profit being a manager and Reines a wrestler, be assured that Profit has prep...ared for any contingency so that he can prove his point to the North American Champ, w/ a vengeance!

All of the events mentioned in the updates will be taking place this Saturday as well as more of your favorite WWC stars seeing action, including, Aaron Williams, The Solar Powers, International Incident, Malo Pescado, DJ Tom Sharp and more. So fans be in Aberdeen OH and don't miss MIDSUMMER'S NIGHTMARE!

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