Sunday, July 18, 2010

DCW Fair Show Results

DCW (17 July) Freedom Life Church Festival; Piqua, OH
Attendance: 125-150

1) DDK def. DJ Tom Sharp by pinfall
2) Alex Stone def. Dustin Willard
3) Matt Ryan def. Shawn Draven by pinfall
4) Alexander Drago def. Jon Austin by pinfall
5) Tommy Blaze def. Big Jim Hutchinson by pinfall
6) Evan Steel def. Nikita Allanov by pinfall

The main event was a non-title match (after being hyped as a title match all week prior to the show), so I was just considering it practice since my DCW Heavyweight Championship was not on the line.   Steel caught me by surprise after ducking a Russian Sickle and hitting a backcracker, and then following that up immediately with a top rope moonsault to get the pin. 

Word on the street is we will now be squaring off in a title match in Springfield on September 5th.

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