Sunday, June 13, 2010

WWC Results (12 June) Municipal Building; Aberdeen, OH

WWC Results (12 June) Municipal Building; Aberdeen, OH
Attendance: 175

1) Jake Ashworth & Dark Angel def. Marvel Trice & Princeton Travis
2) Terry Reines def. DJ Tom Sharp (WWC NA)
3) Dave Nevada & Devlin Anderson DQ Nikita Allanov & Ed Gonzales (WWC Tag)
4) Jimmy Malloy won a staggered entrance battle royal
5) Matt Taylor def. JT Stahr, DDK & Arron Williams (WWC Heavy)

International incident had another great night!  Reines cleanly defeated Sharp to retain his singles championship!  Eddy and myself walked away with the tag team championships intact against three time WWC Champions Anderson & Nevada.  Referee Steve Helpenstein called for the DQ after I got his attention as he attempted a three count, which was totally illegal and uncalled for.  When I continued to argue and put my hands on him, he called for the DQ, and we walked away still champions! 
 WWC returns to action in Aberdeen on Saturday July 10th!

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