Sunday, June 27, 2010

Revolution Results 6/26/10

RCW (26 June) Jackson County YMCA; Jackson, OH
Attendance: 300

1) Bryan Cross, Boogiemeister, Juggulator def. Aaron Draven, Corey Mason, Randy Allen & Onyx by pinfall
2) Metal Mayhem def. Adrenaline X by pinfall (RCW Tag)
3) Trik Nasty DQ Judas Thorn (RCW Heavy)
4) Al Snow def. Dirk Extreme by pinfall
5) Vance Desmond def. JD Santos by pinfall (RCW NA)
6) Flash Fury won the 20-man "Injection Rumble"

I made my debut here as a special entrant in the Rumble, courtesy of's VL "Mastermind" Stricklett.  Stricklett, as a major corporate partner of RCW, forced RCW President Al Snow into inserting me into the Rumble,after drawing the 4th entry, and cleared the first four men I got my hands on.  The fans there didn't seem to like me at all - especially after I laid out "Black Superman" Onyx with my Soviet Flag, causing him to be eliminated.  Not sure on a return date yet, but I do plan on being back with Revolution Championship Wrestling courtesy of!

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